Brain injury is BIG.

Empowering the severely brain injured and their families via support,
understanding and a network of care.

If you need to talk to somebody  Call us between 9am and 9pm on 01483 770999

About us



I am a 57 year old administrator/book keeper who assisted with HR along the way. I operated my own business for a short while and, with luck on our side, I am looking forward running our disabled retreat in France one day.

I travelled extensively around the world before I met and married Charles, my wonderful husband. We were very happily married, running a small fisheries’ business, and planning eventual retirement in France. All we had in the world was each other and our bond was very strong.

If star signs mean anything I am Taurus and I don’t give in easily as I am stubborn and hard working. I have needed all my stubbornness and strength over the last couple of years. I have also drawn help from close friends and family and have been guided by charitable support lines.

In July 2009 Charles was discharged home after over 2 years in hospital – he has a severe brain injury and I now look after him at home. Charles and I do not have any children but our family has suddenly grown, we now have a group of 24 hour carers to help care for him at home.

I met four wonderful ladies at The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability. We were all relatives visiting loved ones on The Devonshire Ward. We became great and close friends as we shared the grief and joy of each day on the ward. We were like minded, strong and supportive, without their friendship I would have been so miserable and lonely as there is only so much that your family can take.

I was delighted to become involved with this web site because I would like other families to take heart, grow stronger and become more positive. Brain injury is devastating and no one should try to deal with it alone. We are here with personal knowledge of brain injury – and hopefully will help you in some small way.

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