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    Hi Julie

    Lovely to hear from you. We are fine thank you, keeping as busy as I can at home! – This is certainly a hard time to be living through isn’t it?

    Trusting you, Amber and the rest of your family are well and keeping safe?

    Keep in contact Julie – and don’t forget you can always phone Judy on our phone line 01483 770999 should you just want to chat.

    Take care

    Lynne xx

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    Good morning Julie

    Thank you for your message and with the update of Amber’s move to Bedhampton Nursing Home. Unfortunately I think most therapy sessions are being stopped at the moment. My son hasn’t had any now for about 4 weeks. (We pay privately for these, in the community, as the CCG’s do not feel they are an essential need!!). I’m hoping it wont be too long before we can start them again. They are an essential part of his care!

    Once Lockdown is over you may be able to organise, with permission from the care home, a private therapist to come in and work with Amber? If so, our grant scheme is available and you could apply for £500 to help pay for some of the sessions. See our website in ‘Hep from us’ to access application form.

    I fully understand your concerns about Amber being in a Care Home at this concerning, scary time. We had the same worries, even having Stew living at home with us. We reduced all carers down to one live in and my husband and I are assisting.

    With regard to your comment re having Amber at home with her complex needs, I cannot see why this should be an issue. Stewart, when he first came home was fed through his tube and he still does occasionally. He also has to have ALL fluids through his tube, which goes through at night. Before Lockdown Stewart had a day time carer (8:00am – 10:00pm ) and waking night time carer (10:00pm – 8:00am) plus an extra carer coming in 3 times a day to help with showering and personal care etc. This is all covered by Surrey CCG’s.

    I would certainly be encouraged by the signs you are seeing in Amber’s response to jokes, music and films and of course pampering! We have seen slow but constant progress with Stewart and to be honest I am sure the doctors wouldn’t have believed possible the progress Stewart has made over the 12.5 years since his accident.

    Take care and stay safe at this time Julie. Keep in contact.


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    Dear Tania
    I am so sorry to hear about your brother. This is a tragic and difficult time for you and all of the family.
    I realise that time has gone by since you first wrote this message and I was wondering how your brother is now? Has their been any further developments?
    I wondered what hospital he is in?
    Make sure you , your mum and the wider family also look after themselves.
    Lynne Newman

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    Hello Nora

    I have just seen your post about hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Unfortunately it isn’t a treatment that I know very much about especially concerning brain injury… I am sorry.

    Its been a while since we have communicated with you… How is your dear daughter and how are you? This is such a difficult time trying to juggle so many things. Please let me know any update… I will check the forum daily and have a notification by e mail when I get a response.

    Please keep in touch and look after yourself.

    Kind regards


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    Hi – Gmc please let me know what help you need. I will check the forum daily.


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    Good morning Sylvie

    Firstly, I am so sorry to hear about your son. My son also had a car accident when he was 25 back in 2007. We also brought him home to live with us. Do you have carers for him or do you look after him on your own?

    What sort of things can your son do during the day? We found that the more Stewart is stimulated during the day, the better he sleeps at night. Is it possible to take him out for a walk or have friends round just to chat to him?

    It would still be a good idea to chat to his doctor. Does he see neuro doctor regularly?

    It may be a good idea to talk to them about how this is totally draining you…. you need help too.

    Please take care of yourself… I will check the forum daily – so please keep in touch.

    Lynne x

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