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    On the 29th of December my Brother had a Cardiac Arrest. He died for 20 minutes before being brought back by paramedics, he was then put into a Coma, which they brought him out of, a week and half later. He never fully ‘woke up’ and seemed to be in a Vegetative State. On the 27th of January he was diagnosed as being in a Persistent Vegetative State.

    His MRI was ‘a mess’ and he had 2 EEG’s which had little to none cerebral activity. While his Glasgow Coma Scale score is a 7 (I think). To go along with this, his Brain Stem HASN’T suffered any damage. He has a Tracheotomy, but beside that he’s breathing by himself and there is talk of removing the Tracheotomy once his secretions have cleared up. His Liver and Kidneys are in great condition, his heart is strong and he is regulating his own blood pressure. The ONLY thing they are giving him is nutrition and hydration through the nose.

    The head doctor and his team haven’t seen him get better over the last couple of weeks and believes, in his opinion, that if he ever did come round he would never have a ‘good quality of life’. He believes he has a chance to become minimally conscious and even progress further than that and be ‘severely brain damaged’. He now want’s us to let him die by either a chance infection or to starve him to death. He wants to do this after just 4 weeks and is putting what ever my and mum and I see in my brother as a reflex. We are the only ones who have been sitting with him for any period of time and believe my brother is still ‘in there’. He did say that he is not 100% in his opinion/diagnosis.

    My Mum and I need help and advice in this matter, as we believe he should be given more time and we can’t find any websites or phone numbers which can help us. I was hoping someone on this website or forum can point us in the right direction.

    Thank you,
    Tania and Mischa (Nottingham, England)


    Dear Tania
    I am so sorry to hear about your brother. This is a tragic and difficult time for you and all of the family.
    I realise that time has gone by since you first wrote this message and I was wondering how your brother is now? Has their been any further developments?
    I wondered what hospital he is in?
    Make sure you , your mum and the wider family also look after themselves.
    Lynne Newman


    Dear Tania

    I have just seen your post
    How is your brother now
    My story is very similar to yours as my daughter suffered a cardiac arrest feb 2019 and is severely brain damaged
    You are so right there isnt anything out there in a form of support if you would like to talk with me I will send you my email address

    Julie x

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