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    Who am I

    Good afternoon
    I have been struggling for just over a year now. My son acquired his tbi 21st August 2020. He was riding his pedal bike with his friend minding his own business when a police van attending an emergency of someone putting a window out was doing 80mph along the road, never saw my son and hit full speed, no breaking. He has just left walkergate park hospital UK where he had his smart assessment and is the lower end of MCS. My son can’t speak, peg fed, Tracheostomy and has to be hoisted in and out of bed.
    Cruise can’t help because he is still alive, headway can’t help because his brain injury it too severe, break nor roadpiece can’t help as the police ran him over, other services won’t help as it it too complicated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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