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    Hi Nora

    I have been in a similar situation to you. My husband, 25, has a hypoxic brain injury. It’s been a very rocky ride since this happened. He has global brain damage and doctors were not giving any hope. He can now count from 1-10 and read the alphabet which he wasn’t doing at all previously. He is now in a care home and due to COVID 19 isn’t getting any physio. I just wanted to know how you are getting on? I am really struggling as it feels like he can hear but he doesn’t look where the sound is coming from. Although he is copying what others say sometimes. Is this an improvement? I don’t know. It’s been 8 months now but have not seen him since March due to COVID. It’s really tough. I’m just wondering how your daughter is doing it seems we are in a similar position as he is on a peg too so we cannot take him home and he needs 24/7 care.


    Hi all

    This is such a tough time to be in this situation. Visits stopped, therapies on hold. It makes a dreadful situation so much worse. Sending the biggest and gentlest of hugs and the hope that things will be better, or as better as they can be, soon.



    Hi Summy

    We seem to be in similar circumstances and it sounds like your husband is doing well and it is only 8 months. My journey began 17 months ago and I have not found it to get any easier

    Is the nursing home letting you have any access now as restictions are slowly lifting

    These times are dreaful and so distressing

    Would you like my email address




    Hi Nora

    The nursing home is now letting visits occur dependent on weather. As I am two hours away I haven’t been yet but his parents are going at least once or twice a week. How are you getting on? Your journey has been longer then mine. We get video calls on a daily basis but he hasn’t recognised anyone and seems to think he is 5 years old too.

    It would be great to have your email address.



Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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