empowering the severely brain injured and their families via support, understanding and a network of care

What we do

There’s no doubt about it, when someone suffers a severe brain injury it has a devastating effect on their family and friends. Without warning your whole life becomes a nightmare world of pain and fear as you worry about what the future will hold and how you will cope with it. At the same time you have to get to grips with complex medical jargon and fight your way through what seems to be never ending bureaucracy.

At Brain Injury is BIG we understand this, because we’ve been through it. Although we can never make the problem go away, we know what a difference the right support can make in helping you to deal with it. And there are a number of ways we can do this.

Telephone Support – available from 9.00 am – 9.00 pm if you want some advice or just someone to listen and care. 01483 770999

Online Forum – A place where you can share your story with others in similar situations, or give and get advice and support.

Support Clinics – Where possible we can hold clinics at hospitals and long term care facilities to talk over the issues that we’ve all faced.

Social Events – There’s nothing quite like getting to know other people in the same situation over coffee or lunch or a glass of wine. The emotional support it offers is invaluable for helping you to understand that you are not alone in this.

Financial Support – We offer a grant system for individuals to help with travel costs, equipment, therapies etc.