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Empowering the severely brain injured and their families via support,
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Hi, my name is Anne. I'm married to Phil and we have two sons, Peter, 26, and Christopher 24. My working life started when I was 18. I trained as a florist and spent thirty years in flower shops. In 1983 I met Phil while I was sharing a flat in London with a girl he had been at school with. We got married three years later in 1986 and Peter was born in 1987.

I became self employed when the boys were born to make it possible to have them with me while I worked. I think you would call me a person who loves being married and being a mum. That's just me and might be part of the reason why, as the boys got older, I took a part time job in a nursery school some eleven years ago and carried on doing a little part time floristry. I enjoyed teaching so much that I completed all the training and qualifications and am still there today.

When Pete went to Durham University in 2005 it was hard to see him go but he just loved every bit of his course and university life. He made so many wonderful friends and adored his rowing, cross country running and other sports. We missed him, but Pete did very well and we were thrilled for him. He was blissfully happy. Christopher went off to Bristol University in 2007 and that was very hard - I think it’s called “empty nest syndrome” - but he also took to university life like a duck to water.

Unfortunately, later that term on 21st November 2007 Peter’s life changed dramatically and ours along with it. I think you would say it is every parent’s nightmare. Peter’s injuries are very substantial and it has been a terrific struggle for him, though he continues to progress. We have all tried to spend as much time as possible with him, wherever he has been, and to support Christopher as much as we can, because it has been hell for him too.

It has been marvellous for us to have the unwavering support of friends and family and for me to have had the great good fortune to have met up with four wonderful women - Judy, Lois, Lynne & Sue - who have been tremendously uplifting and supportive throughout our time together. I am eternally grateful for the constant love, help & support of Phil & Christopher, who have been wonderful. I hope that this B.I.G. website will be of help in some way to those unfortunate enough to find themselves in a similar position.

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